Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not a card but I had to share

Our 16 yr old Grandson Taylor graduated from Middle School.This is an accomplishment that we were told a few years back that we shouldn't expect to happen for Taylor. Tay has special needs and he is a very bright boy with a huge heart. He never gives up and will give it his best. Our proudest moment was when he was presented with The Presidental Acheivement Award for his acheivement during this past year. His next journey takes him to High School as a Freshman, he's not sure about this next challenge and is a bit taken back with the opportunity. Below is a pic of Tay and mom.

As you can see he is not too keen on all the attention but when I asked if I could get a picture with his girlfriend Hailey (she is just adorable) he agreed to one quick picture.

This one is with his papa whom he calls Dad!

Thanks for letting a proud grandma share!

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Melissa Craig said...

Congratulations Taylor!

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