Friday, July 27, 2012

Tumblin Buddie Exchange Blog Hop with Simply Betty

Hello my crafty friends,

Welcome to our Simply Betty's Tumblin Buddie First Exchange Blog Hop!!
If you arrived here from the lovely Kathy, then you are on the right track. If you are just visiting then you will want to jump over to the gorgeous Betty's blog so you can join us at the begining of our hop!
A few of us crafty gals over on the Simply Betty's Fan Group on Facebook,
joined a fun little Buddie Exchange among us !! Each person was to gift their partner a Tumbler filled with little crafty goodies!
So much fun it was to be paired with another crafty friend and spoil her with a few of my favorite things I love to play with!

My tumblin buddie was the fabulous
 Corinne Jones!!!

I was totally speachless when my
secret box arrived!!
Look at all the wonderful goodies that were packed away in my box!!

Look at all this Amazing Goodies!!!

Can you see all the fabulous goodies that caused my heart to skip a few beats!!!
I was in heaven while I was reaching in and picking out each item!!
Did you see all the gorgeous ribbons!!! OMG, amazingly beautiful ribbon!!!
Of course I have no way of knowing how in the world Corinne knew my weakness!!
Yes, ribbon will make me swoon, become weak at the knees and have an abnormal heart rhythm!!
Let me tell you I was definitely in heaven with all these beautiful ribbons!!
Then to make my condition even more breath taking, she sent me some beautiful flowers, pearls, yummy Stickles in 4 different colors, liquid pearls, fun Halloween brads and some yummy treats!!!

And that's not all, Here is the gorgeous card she sent along with all the amazing goodies!!
The fabulous Betty created a Tumblin Buddie image for us !!!

Is this not a absolutely gorgeous card.... Corinne's coloring is amazing, I am one lucky
gal to have Corinne as my Tumblin Buddie!!

Thank you so much for all my wonderful goodies and one Gorgeous card Corinne!!

Now you will want to visit Sharman to see all her wonderful goodies from her buddy

Here is the blog hop list - you won't want to miss a single one!!

Corinne Jones
Leslie Krochta
Aeryn Reitmeyer
Tina Keller
Laura Boyd
Kellie Green
Celina Mathews
Cindy Close
Michelle Shirley
Kym Yeoman
Kelly Smith
Christina Wernstrum
Irene Sherman
Jessica Bedola
Suzi McKenzie
Kathy Gillion
Jackie Randolph......  you are here
Sharman Deluca
Robin Bogle
Lisa Nelson
Rio Ford
Kelly Millett

Crafty Hugs’ Jacki


Scrap Vamp said...

Beautiful card! And lots of fun items!

Marie97 said...

Beautiful card a lot of really fun things for you to create with!

DistinctiveLMNts said...

Awesome , Awesome Corinne is the best!

Corinne said...

You are so sweet, I am so so glad you liked all your stuff! I just wanted to find things you could use for your cards! I hope you had as much fun as I did!
Hugs Friend!!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, this is fantastic.

Christina said...

Great card and what fun new stuff to play with. LOL just glad you didn't have a heart attack over your lovely new ribbon.

Laura B said...

You received some beautiful things!:)

Betty Boo! said...

Amazing goodies I agree! whoohoo

Irene's Creations said...

Awesome stash but you need to be careful how much great stuff you say about Corinne. LOL ~ I will go straight to her HEAD! lol Glad you loved your stuff.

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