Sunday, October 4, 2009

World card making challenge

Hello again, yes it really is me with a second post LOL! I have been busy today still had the mojo flowing from yesterday and saw this challenge call over on Melissa's blog OMG I couldn't believe my luck as I had a set of cards still to be done and Wow it would work perfectly for this challenge. Talk about luck, so I ran back down to my creative cave and this is what I have to share

This is the paper and image I just sent out to a group in one of my monthly swaps. I sent everyone the kits, even though I didn't have the cards made. Reason is a long story we won't go into. Anyways these were next in line for me to work on and like I said what kind of luck is this (maybe I should go play the lottery :)). This is Miss Dressy Anya (isn't she adore able?) and the paper is a pack that I've either been hoarding or totally forgot I even had (probably the latter). What a quick and easy sketch and I'm really liking the final product!

Hugs to Melissa for such a great sketch and keeping the mojo flowing!


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Melissa Craig said...

Beautiful! I love it Jackie!! Thanks for taking up me on my challenge.

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